SheLoves: Crazy Pain, Crazy Love

This morning, SheLoves Magazine published an article I wrote several months back. I wrote it the day after the government took Meyling back to her birth mother:

Life hurts.

It smacks me in the face here, in Nicaragua, every single day of my life.

My heart gets torn or bruised so often that it gets used to constantly bleeding and sometimes it actually feels like something is wrong when it doesn’t hurt at all.

Today it started bleeding again, only this time it is a slow bleed that will hurt for a long, long time.

The crib next to my bed is empty tonight. Meyling, the little girl with Down Syndrome who woke up there this morning, who snuggled with me and then pretended she was an airplane, and whose smile I adored and whose hugs and sloppy kisses meant so much to me, is gone…

Continue reading here.


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