La Esperanza Restoration Center

La Esperanza Centro de Restauración (Hope Restoration Center) is a home for women who have been rescued out of sex trafficking or who are leaving prostitution. It is a place for them to re-learn their own worth, dignity, and beauty; a place where they can discover their own talents and build their own dreams.

It is a place for healing and renewal, where faith and love can bring hope into their lives once more.

We are currently in the process of purchasing roughly 14 acres of land in the mountains of Nicaragua on which to build the restoration center.

The house will accommodate 12 women as well as staff members. We are currently looking for psychologists, therapists, nurses, nutritionists, and people skilled in arts, trades, photography, cooking, or anything that would be fun for the women to learn about and expand their knowledge base in.

We are looking to open in Summer of 2013. All non-Nicaraguan staff are in volunteer positions and will need to raise their own support. Support costs should not exceed $300/month, plus personal spending money.

If you are interested in working at La Esperanza, please contact Melissa Hartwick at melissa (at) casadegozo (dot) net.


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