Hey folks! We’re looking for both interns and long term volunteers.

Job Description: Basically, I need someone to help me and the other staff at the children’s home and with the start-up work on the rehab center. You will be assigned primarily to either the children’s home or the rehab center. Jobs could include: helping me oversee construction of the building and the farming of the land at the rehab center, as well as the chickens and goats we will get for the center; helping me with the legal paperwork and govt meetings for both the children’s home and the rehab center; helping parent the foster children as they are sent to us by the govt; helping with the paperwork and accounting of the ministry here; helping with the ministry online presence and updates, etc. And in between there, helping with housecleaning and cooking.

Financial: We should have space for you to live in the intern quarters at the children’s home. Costs for room and board will be $400/month or $100/week, with you providing any personal spending money/coffee shop money/ days off travel money, etc.
You will have at least one afternoon/day completely off a week, as well as 3 days every month which you can use to travel to the beach to go surfing or sunbathing, to other ministries, to tourist destinations, basically anywhere you want to go.


The beach we usually go to for breaks.

You can come as soon as you can and stay as long as you would like, providing you fit well with the ministry. Airfare is usually around $600-700 round trip.

Legal: I will run a background check on you before you will be approved as an intern/volunteer. If I do not know you personally, I’ll also need letters of recommendation from a non-family member and/or your pastor/spiritual mentor.

Qualifications: out of high school and mature enough to be away from your family and friends. There will be good days and hard days, but I need you to generally be able to be a positive addition here. You will be hot, you will find ants crawling in your bed and in your coffee, and you will get covered in mosquito bites. Some days you will be bored. Others will be a constant rush from one deadline to another. Sometimes the water will be out for half the day, other times the electricity will be gone. The standard of living is drastically different. I need someone who can accept the challenges of living here without complaining.

Ideally, you will: be able to work well with other people. Have a heart full of love towards other people. Have a strong relationship with God. Be good with children. Be chill about the differences in culture here. Hopefully know some Spanish (if not, you will need to spend time each day learning the basics). Be fine with complete randomness: plans changing, crazy situations, etc. Have a firm trust in God’s ability to keep us safe and provide for us. Also, ability to drive is great (driving methods are pretty crazy here, but you get used to it).
We do have internet and you can get a local phone to use. Church is bilingual. We do have running water and electricity, but some days it disappears for a while.

If you’ve wanted to get involved in missions work but want to be in on the ground level of something, where you are really involved and not just on the peripheral, than this might be what you’ve been looking for.

About working with me: I’m usually pretty chill and easygoing. I’m a problem-solver and am stubborn about pushing through with things (govt applications, papers, etc.) until we get to where we need to be. I’m good at mentoring people and helping them grow. I listen to Mumford and Sons and dance around the kitchen while cooking. I’m not a huge fan of bookkeeping, so if you are good at that I will gladly let you handle it. I eat mainly whole grains and fruits/veggies, so if you want junk food you will have to buy it yourself. I don’t usually keep to a firm schedule.

Facts on Matagalpa: it’s usually in the 70′s or 80′s here. In the months from April-November we have rainy season, so we have torrential rain mixed with hours of bright sunshine and clear skies every day. In the “summer”, which is December-March, it is dry and sunny and more like in the 90′s. We’ve got a few coffee shops and lots of thrift stores. No American restaurants, you’ll have to go to Managua for that.

Safety and Security: We have metal bars across the doors and windows, so we are completely safe in our house. We’re careful about walking the streets after sundown.

Medical: The private medical system here is rather good, and a doctor visit will cost about $6.00. Hospitalization, in case of emergencies,  is inexpensive as well.

For more information, contact me at melissa<@> Thanks!


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